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Business Consulting


From idealand to real life

Our process of business consulting can begin with your product and business idea and evolve to understanding the market, pricing, cash flows and profit margins.

The idea is to use the best relevant tools such as Business Model Canvas, SWOT analysis, and others. However, do not expect a package of one size fits all service, if it doesn’t make sense to use a specific approach in your case, we won’t! Even more important, if we need to come up with customized metrics, we would love to do so!

So you had that “aha!” moment. A new solution to a common problem, or even a new way to do something everyone does.

Now comes the hard part, is this just a nice idea or is there a business there? Can you just do it as you originally thought or do you need to adapt it in order to make it feasible?

That’s what we’re going to do together! We’re going to first discuss the specifics of the idea and how to evaluate if more people have the same problem, if people are willing to pay to solve that problem and so on.

The final product from this will be a an idea transformable into a Business.

Now you have an idea that has been thoroughly discussed and seems feasible. So, let’s just go to an investor get some money and then sell it like there’s no tomorrow!

If only things were that easy! This phase is where we get our hands dirty with the nitty-gritty of potential market-size, target costumers, necessary partners and channels, types of revenues, etc.

The point here is to create a draft of the next steps road map in order to move into execution phase.

OK, now you know how to do it, who you want to reach and the road map to establishing the business.

But, and that’s a big but! How do you know if your company can make money from it and how to estimate how much money? Is your price compatible with your costs? Does your product costs more or less as you grow? Does it make sense to get an investment? Or is it better to go int the debt way?

After we go through the process, you’re going to have a clear picture of the financials for your company and even more important, the reasoning behind each assumption.