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about the company

Xp Mind came to life after our founder realized that Toronto has one of the most diverse populations of technical professionals. Health, Tech, Education, Engineering, among many other sectors.

One of the common points is that many of these professionals, have a product or service idea, however they struggle with the business aspects of it. They are extremely competent and capable when it comes to idealizing their products, but when they try to talk to an investor, they have no idea of how to make sense of their valuation and to justify their financial assumptions for example. Some have figured out these aspects, but face a big challenge in creating engaging presentations and effectively articulating their ideas.

There are many incubators, accelerators and courses available throughout the city, however, they all give just an overview of these aspects. Sometimes they would go a little more in depth, but they are generic, offering a one size fits all approach. For most of us, the process of starting an idea is a once-in-a-lifetime process, and at the same time it is definitely something that has the potential of revolutionizing our lives. Why take the generic overview when dealing with something as crucial as that?


Our Team

Eduardo Meira

My first time conversations usually get to, “So you help people with their startup ideas? Oh I have one!”. After that the conversation that ensues has that person enthusiastically describing the idea and asking, “What do you think about that?”.

I heard quite a few interesting ideas and, the most common aspect among them, was that what they had in passion, they lacked in business-friendly clarity.

That’s where I come in! I’ll help you translate your ideas and plans into feasible businesses. Together, we’re going to be able to develop the right tools to engage partners, make sense to investors and to attract clients.

During my career of more than 14 years in Corporate and Investment Banking, I had the opportunity to take part in new projects and ventures on both sides of the table. In addition to that, I also had the chance of facilitating communication courses for almost 8 years, having trained more than 150 professionals on Public Speaking and Presentations.