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Training Workshops

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Presentations and Public Speaking Workshops

Who never felt nervous before delivering a presentation or speaking to an audience? We all have been there and we also know how important it is to deliver our messages effectively on those situations. 

Our courses were created using real life experience, while at the same time leveraging insights obtained by scientific studies. All that to help you and your team obtain the best results.

The main difference from these workshops to the Pitching Clinic is that they are more general, trying to encompass the theories and techniques instead of focusing on a specific presentation. It’s a little bit like the Aspirin – Vitamin comparison, while the Pitching Clinic will attack your immediate pain, the workshops are like vitamins that will keep you healthy in the long-term. Another point is that the courses can be delivered to up to 12 professionals at the same time, while the Pitching Clinic is a more individual process.

Your company or yourself may be fantastic, but how are you communicating that to the outside world? We may be talking about sales, presentations to generate awareness or even presentations about your professional history.

After this workshop, you’ll be better equipped to create and deliver a professional presentation regarding any chosen topic.

At first it may seem easy to deliver internal presentations. After all, everyone in the room knows the company, products and even the little details of the internal culture.

However, let’s consider this: if you spend too much time talking about a subject that everyone knows, they will get bored by your presentation. On the other hand, if you dive into something that they don’t know, you risk losing them as well because many people will refrain from asking questions.

The focus of this workshop is in balancing the contents, adapting the message and how to deliver it in order to improve the engagement of your colleagues.

Have you noticed that the most successful speakers usually don’t just talk about a subject, they tell stories? That’s the objective here.

We’re going to talk about and understand the main components of an attractive story and practice the art of transforming regular presentations into engaging and compelling stories.