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Pitching Clinic


So your idea is ready

What was just an idea, became something concrete! However, you now realized that your company needs partners, investor or maybe the missing component is clients.

Each public has their own specific expectation when it comes to how to communicate with them. 

Are you pitching to a small group of executives from the manufacturer that you want to partner with? 

Or is it to a Venture Capital Fund that specializes in your niche?

Maybe your target is a big client that you need to close today?

Our services in the pitching clinic are very hands-on and practical, drawing insights from more than 7 years of  training professionals to speak to diverse audiences.


Being able to reach your clients with the right message may be even more important than being able to do so with investors.

Is your client aware of having the problem you’re trying to solve? Or do you need to show them that first? Should you sell or just educate? Does your product have anything similar in the market?

Our clinic will help you figure out these details beforehand, so you can be at your very best when you present to your clients!

This one seems to be easy right? After all, probably you’re going to pay that company to manufacture your product. Maybe in your case, your partner is just going to refer your services to their client base and get some revenue from that….

Even though it may seem easy to establish those partnerships, you need to understand that a weak relationship with a manufacturer may leave you without products at the most delicate moments. Or your partner may have your business as possible indication, but only as a last option.

With our help, you will be able to create trust and establish long-term strategical partnerships.

Now you have the clients and partners you need, but you still need the capital.

What do investors want to know? Do you need to present every little detail of your products and financial statements?

How to frame your message the right way and to deliver it with excellence? Together we can create enticing pitches tailored to your target investors.